Toilet Seat Sanitiser Dispenser

Combining stylish design and easy serviceability the Toilet Seat Sanitiser Dispenser from P+L Systems
Washroom makes the ideal addition to the contemporary washroom. The dispenser delivers a measured
dose of sanitising liquid onto a tissue which can then be used to clean the toilet seat, keeping washrooms
hygienic and giving the end user peace of mind. Easy to install and with adjustable dispensing of 0.5ml or
1ml of soap to accommodate a wide type of service concepts. With a 1000ml capacity, the soap dispenser meets
various types of service frequencies. Available in white (SSMW) finish with grey user-friendly control button. Soap level visible through transparent lens. Contemporary design. Pump and reservoir are removable for easy service. Locakable with the standard P+L Systems Washroom key. Easy-to-install.Clear icon guides users to apply sanitiser directly onto tissue

SSMW 1117000095 White, Pce / weiB, St



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