Innovation and development

The hallmark of Exterminators has been its innovative spirit. Our continuous commitment to innovation has enabled us to introduce signiicant, impactful, and sustainable solutions. Our innovation is shaped by the following factors:


SMART MISSILE is the world’s irst ever carbon neutral termite station, designed and manufactured in Sri Lanka in 2010, and Sri Lanka’s irst termite station. This product has been designed to suit tropical Sri Lankan conditions, termite species, and soil types. It detects termites well in advance and targets termites at the direct entry points. The solution is childproof as well.


Introducing the cutting-edge below-the-ground termiticide replenishment system, custom-designed and reinvented in 2015 by Exterminators speciically for the Sri Lankan climate. This system boasts advanced Australian technology, manufactured right here in Sri Lanka, making it perfectly suited for our unique conditions.

Targeting termites at the direct source of entry and distributing termiticide uniformly, this system offers unparalleled effectiveness with minimal disruption. In addition, it eliminates chemical exposure and is ecoeficient, providing a hassle-free solution for long-term termite protection.

With an uninterrupted 50 years of protection, this system offers total peace of mind for homeowners and property owners. Say goodbye to termite worries and hello to a reliable, rugged, and high-pressure, environmentally sustainable solution.

PACCP 2OOO Five Force Model in Preventive Pest Management

PACCP 2020 Preventive Pest Management Technology and Hybrid Termite Management Technology are two further innovative technologies introduced by Exterminators. Analysis of the internal, micro, and macro environment is the foundation of the PACCP 2000 model and the pathway in articulating a preventive integrated sustainable pest management system (IPM) a success. Exterminators’ will carry out a “pest risk assessment audit “according to the (IPM) plan selected either free or at a cost at least once in six months or whenever the need arises according to PACCP 2000 guidelines.

Green Guard Termiticide Barrier Protector

The system was invented, designed, articulated, and manufactured by Exterminators in 2015. Green Guard TBS uniformly and evenly distributes the termiticide compared to conventional drilling and trenching treatments and provides long-term protection against subterranean termites.

It also protects the environment by significantly mitigating groundwater contamination while mitigating the negative impact on non-target beneficial insects such as ladybirds, dragonflies, and pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

This system helps reset the degraded eco-system by creating an environment for beneficial insect populations as well as for frogs, fish, and bats to thrive, as they play an important role in reducing mosquito populations since they feed on mosquitoes and their larvae.