Rock Bait Station


Every pest control operator knows that efficiency together with description are the key to have success when performing rodent control services in areas like hotels, camping areas, museums…

The clients want the service to be done but they don’t want clients to see bait stations.

“Seeing” a bait station in a hotel or restaurant, for example, to the client that sees it means that there is infestation and it creates a bad image of the establishment. But not having bait stations means that YES there will be a infestation.In order to satisfy the clients that need description, we developed the “Rock Station” and literally it looks like a rock.

In a sandstone color, looks like a Rock but it works as a bait station.

Tamper proof bait station that with a key opens a drawer on the side. This unique system makes it very easy, simple and discrete.

It comes with a fixation system that can be used in permeable soils but also in hard surfaces to avoid misplacement of the station.

Unit Specifications

Dimensions – 240 x 200 x 110 mm

Carton 12 units – 480 x 380 x 310 mm

Weight of carton – 4,3 Kg



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